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Royal office

Modeling of a desk with work utensils.
Software: Autodesk Maya 2011, Photoshop.

Vorschau Büro des Froschkönigs Vorschau Büro des Froschkönigs

Modeling / texturing objects for a short film

For the short film of a master student, I constructed indoor furniture.
Software: Autodesk Maya 2012, Photoshop.

Vorschau Ofen Vorschau Ofen Vorschau Ofen

Vorschau Fenster Vorschau Haustür Vorschau Lampe

Bachelor thesis "Poker for Boneheads"

Developement of characters and production.

In summer 2012 I wrote a script for an animation short film. For this skript I develope both main characters and parts of their environment.
Software: Autodesk Maya 2013, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Logline: "The reaper loses constantly in poker game against the guardian angel. Thus no people die and the living energy of the reaper shrinks. To complete the balance he has to win."

The characters: reaper and guardian angel

Charakter Tod Charakter Schutzengel

The characters in their environment

Charaktere Charaktere


Environment details

Umgebung Umgebung Umgebung

Objects of human environment

Umgebung Umgebung Umgebung

Umgebung Umgebung Umgebung

Umgebung Umgebung

Illustration with 3ds Max

Software: 3ds Max 2012, Toon-Shader test.

Vorschau Wunderkamel mit Toon-Shader Vorschau Wunderkamel mit Rohmaterial

VW Scirocco R Wheel

Software: Autodesk Maya 2013, Modeling / Texturing / Lighting / Rendering

Vorschau VW Scirocco R Reifen

Media project "what the face"

interactive installation . real time animation . motion tracking

Conceptual formulation:

This installation shows a wall with 40 faces, which try with audio and facial expression to get the attention of the spectators. 3D faces were projected on pflaser masks (hanging on a wall) with a projector.

For this project I model the 3D faces and facial expression.
Software: Autodesk Maya 2012, Plugin Facial Animation Toolset of film academy Baden-Wuerttemberg.

More information on facebook.

Projektionstest 03 Projektionstest 02 Konzeption


First Work

Here you find my first work in 3D. Software: Autodesk Maya 2011.

Vorschau USB Stick Vorschau Badezimmer Vorschau Wohnzimmer

Vorschau Lampe


Zombie documentation

Our team shot a documentation about the integration of zombies in society for the subject animation/dramaturgy. On this project I was responsible for concept, voice over text, print products and makeup. (Sorry, we have no English subtitles.)

Type animation Germany:Argentina

Text animation with topic "Augsburg – City of Peace (women's football-WC 2011).
Software: After Effects.